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The solar water heater is a device that is used to heat water using sunlight.

Advantages and disadvantages of the solar water heater

You can save a lot of energy with a solar water heater. Very good for the environment and also for your wallet. Of course, there are also negative qualities attributed to it. You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of a solar water heater in this article.

What are the advantages of the solar water heater?


Modern solar water heaters have many positive qualities that you, as a consumer, can benefit from. 

Due to the growing shortage of oil, it is advisable to focus on green energy. Use the free energy of the sun to heat the sanitary water, your home or your pool. 

In addition, solar water heaters also have a number of practical benefits that will economically benefit you and your family.

1) save on energy costs

With a solar water heater, you can save an average of 50 to 65% on the costs of hot water. For a family of four, this means a savings of € 110 – € 150 on an annual basis. After five years, you have already saved € 550 – € 750 in energy with a solar water heater.

When energy prices (oil and gas) begin to rise, you can save even more, but it is difficult to make an accurate prediction because the price of oil and gas is subject to many external factors.

2) A solar water heater is good for the environment

By using a solar water heater, it quickly reduces annual CO2 emissions by 300 to 400 kg per year (average installation). CO2 is also called greenhouse gas because it contributes to global warming.

 This warming is caused by the burning of fossil fuels and leads to major changes in climate. In Belgium, that means warmer summers and milder winters with a lot of precipitation. 

By using energy-saving measures, such as a solar water heater, it helps to stop global warming.

3) Increase the value of the house.

When you take energy saving measures, such as installing a solar boiler, this is included in the calculation of the household’s energy efficiency. If you want to sell or rent the property later, you can request a higher price.

4) attractive subsidy options

If you have a solar water heater installed by a contractor, you may qualify for premiums or subsidies. You can request premiums nationally and locally. 

This benefit is not available in all steps.



What are the disadvantages of the solar water heater?

Everything has advantages and disadvantages. This is also the case of solar boilers. If the disadvantages outweigh the benefits, it depends from person to person. The negative aspects of solar water heaters are mainly practical in nature.

Disadvantage 1: a solar water heater takes up space

There are different types of solar boilers, from small to large, and it is mainly the somewhat larger installations that are also used as a heating support that require a lot of space. 

Storage containers of 200 to 500 liters are no exception and should have room for this (in the attic, in the basement or in the garage). Naturally, the roof must also be suitable for the installation of collectors and must take into account that the appearance of the roof will change.

Disadvantage 2: correct orientation

If you want to make effective use of a solar water heater, the solar collectors should be facing south. An orientation to the southwest or southeast is ideal. 

Other orientations are possible but lead to losses. It is also important that there are not too many shadows (trees, surrounding houses, dormer windows). 

Solar collectors simply need a lot of light to operate efficiently and not all houses are suitable for it.

Disadvantage 3: other sources of heat are still necessary.

In the summer, solar collectors work better and can heat almost all your sanitary water with the free energy of the sun. In periods when the sun barely shines or almost never, a post-heating is always needed to have enough hot water. 

That certainly applies to the heating of the house. A central heating boiler or a heat pump is needed to heat the house sufficiently. More information on how to heat the house with a solar water heater can be found here (article that heats the solar water heater).

Price of the solar water heater according to the situation.

Are you interested in a solar water heater and are you curious about the price? It is difficult to specify the exact prices, since this depends on your home and your family situation and the country where you reside, it is best to ask for quotes to different solar energy companies

That is why it is always interesting to request customized prices from several approved installers. That way, you’ll get a good idea of ​​how much the real price can be in your situation.

Receive quotes for a solar water heater?

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